Use Cases

Three complementary real-world use cases demonstrate the applicability of FogProtect solutions to multiple contexts and the impact of the project’s novel solutions for data protection: smart cities, smart manufacturing and smart media.  FogProtect provides the essential building blocks to empower data protection, supporting resilience, trustworthiness and human centricity in the Next Generation Internet.

The use cases provide the opportunity to test the functional coverage of the technical contributions and also an initial indication of their marketability. In extending the scope of sensitive data to include all data which may be significant to the end-user and to the reputation of a given service provider, the use case validation activities contribute to the trustworthiness of the FogProtect technology and contribute to its adoption potential. 

The use cases include concerns of all citizens who wish to feel secure in their civic lives whilst confident that their own privacy is respected (UC1); unobtrusive monitoring of employees by employers not least to satisfy the latters’  responsibilities for the safety of their employees (UC2); and enabling citizen engagement as prosumers (UC3). 

Processing of video data captured by cameras in a city using fog nodes and the cloud to detect (crime)  incidents. Depending on their respective role, Data Processors are provided with either raw video data or an anonymised version of these videos.

Evaluation and processing of user-generated videos in order to integrate them into television shows.

Moving the production process from a factory building to a container which could for example be placed on a ship to continue the production process while the material is being transported.


WP1: Global Management and Coordination

WP2: Requirements, Use Cases and Validation 

WP3: End-to-End Data Protection Framework and Methodology

WP4: Secure Data Container

WP5: Service Management & Adaptation

WP6: Data Protection Policy Management

WP7: Dynamic Risk Management

WP8:  Impact (Dissemination, Communication, Exploitation)


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Available soon

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